premium spanish wines

At Vino de Oro Vineyard and Winery, we focus on producing the finest quality of Spanish varietal wines.

We craft sophisticated wines that are enjoyable on their own, yet delicate enough to pair with your favorite meal.

Vino De Oro “Wine of Gold”

Our vineyards are located in the beautiful and renowned Fairplay American Viticultural area (AVA) of El Dorado County, California. Fairplay is recognized for its rich soils comprised of volcanic rock, decomposed granite, clay and sandy loam. These rich soils coupled with the micro climates found in Fairplay form an exquisite environment for growing Spanish varietal grapes. The Fairplay AVA boasts the highest altitude appellation in California, with elevations ranging between 2,000 to 3,000 feet. The higher altitudes of Fairplay allow for an extended growing season which adds depth and flavor to the wines we produce.

“Vino de Oro, refinado y distinguido”